Vecoclip, what’s that?

Vecoclip® is a simple and innovative system for hygienic cabling. The cable holders and cable ladders can be installed and cleaned very quickly. Particularly in industries where hygiene is of important, such as the food industry and chemical industry, benefit from this. Vecoclip is also the best choice for machine builders because it complies with the directive for hygienic wiring. It even transcends the norm.

Where is Vecoclip used?

Vecoclip is used in all industries where hygiene is important. But also for applications where fast and safe wiring and re-wiring is required, is Vecoclip the top choice.

Vecoclip offers a simple solution where other cable support systems and cable ducts fall short.

  • dairy processing and milk industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • chemical industry
  • machine cabling
  • temporary installations and events

Why use Vecoclip?

  • Bacteria and micro-organisms no longer have any place to hide.
  • Because cables can move freely in the Vecoclip profile, product residues between the cables can be sprayed away.
  • Quick installation of the cables to be mounted.
  • If changes are made, a new cable can be quickly installed without removing the other cables or fasteners.
  • Cables can be removed from the profile for individual cleaning.
  • No cross-connections in which product residues can be accumulated, as is the case with many cable ducts or cable support systems.

Twice as fast cabling

Cleaned 3x faster

Super fast extra cable routing

Greatly improved hygiene

Vecoclip Profiles

These profiles are installed in the blink of an eye. They can contain up to 5 cables and leave bacteria no chance to proliferate. Replacing or adding cables? It is all done effortlessly.

Technical info

Vecoclip profiles exist in different sizes.
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    Vecoclip Cable Ladders

    Choose a hygienic cable route with the highest level of cleanability and ease of installation. We designed Vecoclip because we thought there was room for improvement.

    Technical info

    Vecoclip cable ladders exist in different sizes.
    Download the form with technical information.

      Discover our V-wire

      The V-wire is an alternative solution for orderly cabling.
      Also available from Vecoclip.
      Contact us for more info on our V-wires.

      Technical info

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